Why is it necessary to declutter and organise

I believe I was born a neat freak but I understand that keeping things tidy and organised does not come naturally to everyone. It can sometimes feel time consuming, unnecessary and just plain hard to organise and declutter your space.

There are however studies that show that there are real benefits to keeping things tidy. Dr Libby Sander an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bond Business School-Bond University (Australia) confirms in her research that clutter can have a real impact on your anxiety levels, sleep and mental focus.

Your brain register’s clutter as visual interference and this triggers a cognitive overload that can reduce your memory. Clutter can cause stress because of its excessive visual stimulation. By organising and decluttering you can increase your ability to process information and focus more, which can lead to more productivity. Dr Sander’s also refers to studies done in the United States that show increased levels of the stress hormone cholesterol in mothers who have cluttered homes. By tiding up you will not just gain more focus but there can also be health benefits.

Bottom line, tidying up is not just about making things look pretty it can give you peace of mind, it can give you the time and mental focus to channel into the things that truly matter to you and that you enjoy doing.

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