About Me


My name is Michelle and I live and breathe for organising, decluttering and creating functional spaces. While working in law and corporate environments, I gained first-hand experience of the impact functional spaces have on our wellbeing.


My true passion then took over and I placed my focus on helping people organise, declutter and create functional spaces at home and at work. I have been the go-to person for many families young and old.  I have also helped my own friends with streamlining the process of packing and unpacking when moving house and I have also assisted with a bit  of downsizing. I have helped parents make way for new babies and all the gear and goodies that goes along with the new arrival which made for functional and unique spaces that ensured mommy and baby thrived.  I organise, declutter and create functional spaces by implementing systems which should be easy to maintain and keep organised.


In the office I worked closely with the team who looked after general office organisation.  I have assisted with implementing filing and archiving systems and rearranged spaces for storage, decluttered and streamlined areas where more space was required and helped with updating an outdated reception area by making small but impactful changes. 


Organisation and decluttering is not about getting rid of everything or buying  multiple storage containers, it is about bringing function to a room, creating an inviting and empowering environment.   It is about creating a space you can enjoy spending time in.